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Are you thinking of joining badminton classes in Ahmedabad? Kelika, a premier badminton training academy in Ahmedabad, is the top spot for everyone, including newbies to master shuttlers.

Kelika is lauded as one of the best sports training services in Gujarat. If you are looking to spend your leisure time doing some high adrenaline badminton, Kelika is the right spot. With lavish badminton courts in Ahmedabad, we are focused on nourishing talent and provide quality badminton training. First of its kind, Kelika Badminton Academy offers a holistic approach to the world’s fastest sport.

A typical day at our badminton academy includes warmup, technical skill hone-up sessions, drills, match sessions, and cool down under certified coaches’ guidance. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert level player, we can help improve your technical skills through regular evaluations. As a part of our exclusive badminton coaching in Ahmedabad, we also provide nutrition guidance as well as physio tips for the all-round development of our students. The fitness drills are designed to suit various body types and improve your movement, stability, skills, and stamina. From basic body stretches to HIIT, our fitness drills are designed to get the best out of you.

All of these specialties have made us the number one choice for badminton training in Ahmedabad. Our coaches include some of the notable sportspersons in the field, and we also invite leading coaches to our badminton training academy in Ahmedabad itself on a periodic basis. They have trained countless young children into bright sportspersons over the course of their careers. This makes us extremely popular while also running ladies only badminton classes in Ahmedabad to serve every shuttlecock enthusiast.

If you are planning to participate in competitive tournaments, you can enroll for advanced coaching membership. We also have an all-women session as a part of our exclusive ladies badminton coaching program. Avail of these facilities today as our badminton academy fees are true value for money deals. If you are looking for personal badminton coaching in Ahmedabad, you can contact Kelika’s office to get further details.

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Professional Training

Beginners Coaching

Learn basic concepts of Badminton like how to hold racket, how to serve, basic rules of badminton, different type of grips and more…

Adult Coaching

Learn basic concepts of Badminton like how to hold racket, how to serve, rules of badminton and more…

Intermediate Coaching

Any one who has cleared basic level will foll in this whey he or see will start getting next level training like smash, drop, game play and more…

Ladies Coaching

This batch is designed for ladies to give benefit of the training by making sure their other responsibilities are not compromised.

Advance Coaching

Any player who has cleared basic and intermediate levels falls in advance level. We provide the next level training by experienced coaches.


Register with our premiums services by enrolling into our membership plans and get best services at affordable rates.

Residential Package available (Facilities)

Are you thinking of joining fulltime training of badminton in Ahmedabad? Kelika, a premier badminton training academy in Ahmedabad which provides all level of training. We aim to make players. Kelika is the top spot for everyone, including newbies to master badminton players.

At Kelika Badminton Academy we provide full time training for local players and residential training package for out-of-town players. We aim to provide full residential package which covers, Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Fitness, on court training and off court training.

Beginners Coaching

Learn basic gripping technique with how to hold your racket using forehand & backhand grip.

Intermediate Coaching

Learn how to defend against a badminton smash with the foundation of the basic techniques with our expert team.

Advance Coaching

Commute your badminton training to advance level from basics with world class badminton players.

Facilities We Provide

Some More services


Whether you are a beginner or pro player. If you would just want to play on regular bases want to experience international standard courts. you are at the right place. Click on the button below and

Pay and Use

If you love to play Badminton but not certain about consistency of your attendance. You can choose this package. Simply pay and use for as much time as you want.

Corporate Events

We are organizing corporate tournament for all kind of corporate who would like to give their employees a really tournament experience. Please click on the button and